baseCON Home support Simply feeling secure

A good home ambience means: relaxing instead of worrying about security and indoor climate. baseCON will now take care of this for you. Offering you improved quality of life. And when on the road, that inner confidence that everything is under control at home.

For all phases of life

Young singles and couples

Families with children

Older singles and couples

More security and comfort:

  • Leaving home, yet remaining in control
  • No fear of intruders
  • Healthy indoor climate in all living areas
  • Support to your personal health

Keeping the essential in sight baseCON functions

Key reminder

When you leave home, baseCON will remind you of your key. To avoid being locked out when you return.

Pointing out devices that are switched on

As you are about to leave home, baseCON will point out electrical devices that may be switched on. You may furthermore switch the devices on or off centrally via a room display. Or using an app, of course.

Open windows and doors will be pointed out

baseCON will reliably remind you to close windows and doors. This means keeping the heat in and intruders out.

No threat of break-in

Not all sounds in the night are a threat. And not all break-ins will be loud. baseCON will monitor windows and doors when you sleep or are not at home. It will trigger the alarm when it detects a break-in. This assurance will allow you to leave your home without a worry. And you will certainly also sleep well.

Healthy indoor climate

Moist indoor climate feels uncomfortable, facilitates mould formation and demands unnecessary heating energy. baseCON will remind you of the best time to refresh the air.

Reminder to trink

Regular take-in of fluid is vital. Yet we will often forget. baseCON will discreetly remind you to take a sip.

Reminder of medications

Medications are most effective if taken regularly and at recommended times. baseCON will reliably remind you.

baseCON Your benefits at a glance

No construction work necessary

We install the system within a short period of time, without generating noise or mess. 

No need to use the app

baseCON can but need not necessarily be operated via the app.

No Internet connectivity necessary

If you are not interested in an app, you can use it without Internet connectivity. Else, it is integrated into the system, or baseCON is connected to an existing Internet connection.  



The simple room display makes it generally easy to use baseCON immediately.

Data privacy and data security are writ large

All connections are protected according to the latest standards. In addition, personal data do not leave your apartment without your consent.

No cable in the apartment

baseCON components are interlinked via wireless /radio network.

baseCON Our value-added services

To ensure that the baseCON system will offer you optimal security and comfort, we offer you a choice of different value-added services.


App licences for the baseCON App

Secure access via app

With us, data security and data protection are top priority. This is why all data be protected compliant with current regulations and standards. And your personal data will never leave your home unless with your consent.

Information to the battery status

You will be notified when the batteries are low. We will also change the batteries in your baseCON system on your request.


You will automatically receive current updates and improvements to the app or system.

Anual systemcheck

The system will be checked annually online to detect and remedy any errors.

Mobile Internet

Integrated mobile radio modem for autonomous connection to the service portal.

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Our promise to you We create solutions without much ado

We will be happy to consult with you personally, at your home, free of charge and without obligation. We are convinced that, with baseCON by your side, you will feel happier and more secure in your home. Why not give us a try for two weeks - free of charge.