Essentials at a glance The baseCON functions

baseCON living assistance helps you to retain this safe and positive atmosphere for living. It protects your home, monitors the room climate and reminds you about important actions.  You enjoy the certainty when travelling that everything is ok at home.

Monitors your home in the event of a break in

baseCON monitors windows and doors and activates an alarm if there is a break in. You can sleep well and travel at ease with this assurance.

Get alerts quickly with baseCON

When it comes to fire, every second counts. baseCON alerts you when smoke is detected – even when you're on the move.

baseCON monitors your gas stove

The danger from a gas leak often goes unnoticed. baseCON alerts you immediately so that you can take action.

baseCON keeps an eye on the water level

Overflowing water can cause considerable damage. baseCON alerts you immediately so you can act quickly.

Reminds you to take your keys when leaving your home

When you leave the home baseCON will remind you to take your key. So that you are not locked out later.

Reminds you if electrical devices are switched on

If you have left an electrical device on by mistake then you will be reminded to switch it off before leaving home. You can also switch a device on or off remotely using the app.

Notifies you that window is open when you leave your home

baseCON reliably reminds you to lock windows and doors. This prevents your rooms from getting too cold and keeps strangers out.

Always keeps a close eye on your room climate

Damp room air feels unpleasant, promotes mould growth and uses a lot of heating power. baseCON notifies you of the best time to ventilate or heat.

Keep an eye on your blinds with baseCON

Whether you need to keep out the sunlight or just want privacy, baseCON keeps your blinds and shutters under control. baseCON can also control the blinds automatically depending on the weather conditions.

Never miss an appointment with baseCON

baseCON informs you of your upcoming appointments, reliably and ahead of time.

Reminds you to drink enough

It is important to drink regularly. But we often still forget. baseCON gently reminds you to get another drink.

Reliably reminds you to take medication

Medication is most effective if it is taken regularly and at the recommended times. baseCON follows your schedule and reminds you reliably.

Everything under control Sure?

Your family members don't need an emergency call, but you still want to know if they need help? baseCON notifies you when your family requests help via the room display.

The baseCON function extension

Of course you can also operate baseCON using the app. On your smartphone or tablet you can see whether the window is open or closed and whether electrical devices are on or off. The temperature and humidity in each room are also displayed.

Appointment reminders are included in the extended functions of the app.